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Evan & Deb’s Desk

Desk in iron-buffed oak with stools and built-in shelves

Iron-buffed Sugar Maple Desk with matching stools

Around this time last year Dan was working on a desk project for a young couple in Minneapolis. They had seen Dan’s work at an art show and were in need of a desk. Together they had saved up enough money to buy one from Ikea, but Deb’s family lived in France, with one member who worked as a craftsman. This gave her a deep appreciation for quality, and a tendency to favor things well made. Over the past 10 years, all of our clients have shared this concern for quality, but I had never seen a young couple invest in it the way Evan and Deb did when designing their desk.

We all have our financial difficulties, but more and more I am aware of the decisions I make every day that involve short term cost verses long term quality. The one that most recently comes to mind is batteries. When we first moved up here, we had the vague sense that batteries would play a larger role in our life. Around here there are no street lights or porch lamps, so when we do our chores at night, or even just to walk somebody out to their car, a flashlight is imperative. The other day I put our all used batteries into a large shoebox and looked at Dan.

“I knew it,’ he said. “We should have invested in those rechargeable batteries.”

drawings for deskSometimes what seems like a lot of money up front is really a great deal in the long run. The difficult thing is knowing when you can afford to make that choice, and when you can’t afford not to.

I was inspired by the decision Evan and Deb made when they hired Dan to build their desk. They made regular payments over the course of a few months. They chose their wood carefully and invested in a finish they found pleasing. The desk was designed for both of them, at a custom height with bookshelves and matching stools. When the piece was finished and installed in their house, they took the time to write us the following:

custom desk in iron-buffed sugar maple

installing the desk

We just wanted to send an email to say how amazing it is to have this desk. It’s absolutely perfect and the shelves actually hold more books than our old bookcase. We love coming to our desk, the chairs are so comfortable and everything is just so perfect, we are actually more productive. We’re very happy with what we spent our money on. If we had bought a cheaper desk, we would have always regretted it. Thank you for working with us.”

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