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It Started with a Pine Tree

a pine tree

The story of Sue’s custom headboard

This fall Dan delivered a custom headboard that was years in the making. It started with a large white pine that was felled in the summer of 2006 when my father was here visiting. He played lumberjack for two days and helped Dan fell the tree, which was hollow the first eight feet up.hollow treeWe used those logs for firewood, and the good lumber was slabbed out and stickered, then stacked and air dried.


In the summer of 2011, Dan met Sue at an art show in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She appreciated the way Dan used the live-edge of trees, and the custom process began. She was looking for a simple, live-edged headboard out of pine.

drawing of headboardDan did several drawings until we found a design she was happy with. Next, Dan went through his lumber and found the perfect board. We emailed her a photo, and she approved.

The chosen board was brought into the shop to acclimate for a few months. When it finally passed its humidity test, Dan began building.Air-dryed lumber, white pine

The headboard was installed and delivered this past September. While it isn’t always possible to build for clients using wood from our own trees, but I always love it when we do.  I like to think of the tree having its second life in a warm home, where it is able to function as something both useful and beautiful. A pretty good retirement for a tree.Headboard from white pine live-edge


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  1. Theresa Kocis says:

    What a neat story, and a beautiful headboard!

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