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Our cabinets have a story to tell.

All free-standing cabinets pictured below can be customized and ordered to fit your needs.

THE STORY: There was a maple not far from a path I frequented. A grand sentinel, he stood broad and tall. I first noticed a fungal growth about its base in ’02, and in ’03 I saw it was worsening, so I felled it before it could rot out entirely. Oh, how the ground shook.

The first 9 feet were rotted hollow.  Where I cut clean I counted the rings, an eye-crossing effort for they were so tight and close. This tree struggled for light all its life, growing slowly, and when I had them all counted I understood what shook the ground and me so deeply.  For 360 years this tree had taken a gesture, and grown thick with intention.

Moon Bear  Free-Standing Cabinet    48”H X 28”W X 18”D | Contact us for prices.


THE STORY: The wood for this cabinet came from a birch tree that lost a limb in a storm of ’02.  When I cut into it for its felling, water poured out around the saw, enough to wet me from the knees down. I counted the rings as 150, and that was eight feet up on the tree. Once it was cut and stacked, I gave it 4 years to dry.  The dimensions of this piece were then determined by what was usable in these slabs.

The design is based on Al Swearengen’s liquor cabinet from the HBO series “Deadwood.”  It struck me as a proud and useful size for a cabinet.  The casework is hand dovetailed, paired to fit, and the spring latch I carved specifically for this piece. I finished it with many coats of hand rubbed oil.

“Swearengen” Display or Drinks Cabinet     42”H X 22”W X 15”D | Buy Now | Price: $2,800