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The Box That Saved My Marriage

Interior of a Gentleman's box

A custom interior for a gentleman’s box.

There’s the score card from a round of golf played with your brother and dad, a guitar pick, and a rock. A business card, a spring, and the handful of change from your pocket. All of it looks like nothing much to me, but if I throw any of it away, I’ll be in big trouble. So these items end up scattered, dropped here or there, and I don’t notice because these things seem unimportant. And when you want to know where they went, I can’t help you. I might even show a bit of disdain. You’re looking for what? But it’s important to you, and we are married, so eventually, if I’m paying attention, it becomes important to me.

brass hinged vallet box

Brass hinged valet box built from sugar maple.

We all have our stuff. Every day stuff, necessary stuff, and memory stuff we don’t really want to throw away. It’s great when you know exactly where to put said stuff, but sometimes, life hands you things you didn’t expect to get. My mom used to say, “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” When Dan started building gentleman’s boxes, he kept the first one for himself. It made me so happy, because from then on, I knew exactly what to do with the broken golf tee I knew he didn’t want me throw away. I put it in the box.

Over the years, Dan has built several personalized versions of The Gentleman’s Box. He’s made them for men and for women, with both wood and brass hinges, with special materials brought to us by the client, with the exact dimensions of a bracelet purchased in Africa that needed its own compartment. There was the box with the secret coin drop so Steve could save up his change, and the box with the little grove cut for the i-Phone charger. Each one is different, and yet each one is the same: a place to put both necessary and unexpected things.  



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  1. Renee VanHorn says:

    Now THAT is a wonderful item ! “The Box”. I like it !

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