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The Joinery

“I believe that if one can see how the piece holds itself together, how the separate components cooperate, then it comforts the eye and delights the mind.  Joinery then serves as ornamentation, and a useful object becomes art.” -Dan Dunbar, AP

The traditional craftsmen who joined wood did so for strength and durability over time, and Dan has found their methods sound foundation for his work.  Employing these traditions along with the soulful approach of the Japanese, he utilizes the hand-dovetail, single and double-wedged thru-tennons, and the doweled Japanese box joint, all of which employ hand-forged chisels and saws.  As we live with a conscious effort to conserve electricity and resources, Dan employs as many of these hand tools as possible.  Working in this way also produces the most structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful results.

When I consider how two pieces of wood should be joined together, I look at it like a marriage. For better or for worse, in all kinds of weather, these two pieces of wood have to stay together. Like people, wood changes over time; it expands and contracts depending on environment and the amount of moisture in the air. I consider all possible movement and make adjustments when constructing. The wood will then have a stable foundation on which to build its relationship, and you will have a piece of furniture that endures.” -Dan Dunbar, AP